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Oklahoma Academic Advising Association



Our Mission

Helping Advisors Become Their Best Since 1992

The purpose of the Oklahoma Academic Advising Association is to gain recognition for academic advising and to support the development and professional growth of academic advisors in higher education in Oklahoma. OACADA serves a constituency which includes academic advisors, counselors, faculty members, administrators, and others in academic and student affairs concerned with the intellectual, personal, and vocational needs of students. OACADA is the representative and advocate of academic advisors in both public and private institutions and is a forum for discussion, debate, and the exchange of ideas.

The official bylaws were most recently updated June 3, 2019.


Steering Committee 

Kristal Soderstrom Junkens - President

Oklahoma State University

President-Elect - Vacant (Position Description)

Chris Jeffries - Past President

University of Oklahoma


Cheryl Serna - Treasurer

Southern Nazarene University


Krystle Dick - 2-Year Representative

Oklahoma State University OKC


Karen Davis - Regional Representative

University of Central Oklahoma


Megan Denney - Oklahoma Liaison to Region 7

University of Oklahoma


Julia Carlo - Communications Chair

Northeastern State University


Brandy Gunter-Cox - Website Chair

University of Oklahoma


Vana Stevens - Member-at-Large

Oklahoma State University


Tennent Emmons - Member-at-Large

University of Oklahoma

Jessie Youngblood - Secretary

University of Oklahoma


Chris Borthick - OSHRE Liaison Coordinator

Oklahoma City Community College


Tami Barrett - Private Representative

University of Tulsa


Matthew Grover - 4-Year Comprehensive Representative

University of Oklahoma


Holly Thomas - Professional Standards and Development Chair

University of Oklahoma


Sarah Olzawski - Membership Chair

University of Oklahoma


Tosha Stout - Member-at-Large

Connors State College


Kristen Queen - Member-at-Large

Oklahoma State University


Effective July 1, 2019, updated by-laws for the Oklahoma Academic Advising Association required that members register each fiscal year to maintain active status in OACADA.

Membership Types

Professional Memberships

A professional member is considered as inactive upon failure to submit annual registration and dues. Inactive members will be removed from all OACADA rosters after a one-year period of inactivity. At that time, they must register as a new member to rejoin.

Student Memberships

Student members will be removed from all OACADA rosters at the end of each academic year. They may re-register each year depending on their status as students.

Membership Dues and Privileges

Membership Dues

Membership runs from the date of submission of the official membership form & any related dues through June 30 of the following year.

Dues, effective July 2019:

New professional member: $15(will impact all members in July 2019, then only new members in July 2020)
Returning professional member: $10, returning member (will go into effect July 2020)
Student member: $0

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