Effective July 1, 2019, updated by-laws for the Oklahoma Academic Advising Association required that members register each fiscal year to maintain active status in OACADA.

Membership Types

Professional Memberships

A professional member is considered as inactive upon failure to submit annual registration and dues. Inactive members will be removed from all OACADA rosters after a one-year period of inactivity. At that time, they must register as a new member to rejoin.

Student Memberships

Student members will be removed from all OACADA rosters at the end of each academic year. They may re-register each year depending on their status as students.

Membership Dues and Privileges

Membership Dues

Membership runs from the date of submission of the official membership form & any related dues through June 30 of the following year.

Dues, effective July 2019:

New professional member: $15(will impact all members in July 2019, then only new members in July 2020)
Returning professional member: $10, returning member (will go into effect July 2020)
Student member: $0