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Oklahoma Academic Advising Association

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Fall 2019 OACADA Conference

Friday, September 13, 2019 - Southern Nazarene University

Conference Theme: "The Community of Advising"


Keynote Speaker

Kathleen Shea Smith
Associate Provost of Academic Advising
University of Oklahoma

Dr. Kathleen Shea Smith is the Associate Provost for Academic Advising at the University of Oklahoma. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing support strategies designed to place students on a pathway of personal fulfillment, degree completion, and career success. Kathleen believes that individuals thrive in community and has directed several initiatives that foster collaboration and facilitate relationships within OU’s team of advising professionals. Kathleen has introduced coaching as a key approach, believing that it offers a solid framework for holistic conversations and empowering mentorship. Since the program’s inception in 2016, several campus professionals have completed a certification in Academic Life Coaching, an International Coach Federation accredited program. This group recently authored a ‘Coaching to Complete’ model that includes critical student outcomes linked to eight persistence themes, and over 300 powerful questions to guide deeper conversations between advisors and their advisees. This project was based on an integration of current research and the group’s collective understanding of the student experience. Kathleen is ready to engage the Oklahoma advising community in her keynote address, “Academic Advising: A Community of Transformation”.

Kathleen's Headshot Provost's Website.jpg

Online registration is now closed. Attendees may still register or purchase memberships at the conference with a valid credit card.

Conference Rates:
Before August 26
(Early Bird Discount)
$55 members / $65 non-members

August 26 & After (Standard Pricing)
$60 members / $70 non-members


8:30-9:00 - Registration
      A.M. Hills Residence Complex

9:00-9:50 - Opening and Keynote
      A.M. Hills Residence Complex

10:00-10:50 - Session 1
      A.M. Hills Residence Complex or Royce Brown Building

11:00-11:50 - Session 2
      A.M. Hills Residence Complex or Royce Brown Building

12:00-1:30 - Lunch
      Webster Commons

1:30-3:00 - Activity, Regents comments, Closing
      A.M. Hills Residence Complex

Additional Things to Consider

  • Some sessions will be held in the A.M. Hills Residence Complex, while others will be held in the Royce Brown Building. Sessions in the Residence Complex will hold 100+ members of the community; sessions in the Royce Brown Building will hold about 35 each. Please keep these limitations in mind as you select your sessions. The complete list of presenters and abstracts can be found here.

  • Lunch will be provided by the Webster Commons, SNU’s main dining hall. Come hungry!

  • Visitors may park in a large number of lots on campus without an additional parking permit. However, we recommend parking behind the Sawyer Center (see map above).

  • You can download the program here! You can also download maps of the buildings here.

    • If you decide to print the program, please ensure you set your chosen program to use the following settings:

      • When choosing the print size, either select “Stretch to Fit” or "Letter” as the output size.

      • The “Binding Edge” or “Direction of Flip” for double-sided print should be the short side.

Online Registration is Now Closed

Participants will still be able to register on site in Bethany with a credit card as well as pay for memberships there. See you Friday!